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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a survey required prior to installing my fence?

Although not mandatory, Accurate Fence highly recommends that a Land Survey be completed prior to any work beginning onsite. With visible property stakes AFC can pull a string line to insure all posts & fence lines are in fact placed inside your property. Without a Survey Accurate Fence cannot be held responsible should any portion of the fence be placed outside of ones property. Feel free to discuss the need of a Survey with your Sales Representative and he or she can also recommend a Professional Land Surveyor if needed.

Is a permit required prior to installing my fence?

In most Counties or Cities a permit is not required for fence installation. However some areas, like the City of Atlanta, do require permits be pulled. Typically most County or City websites will assist in letting you know if a permit is in fact required or feel free to ask your AFC sales representive for assistance. In the event a permit is required it is the responsibilty of the homeowner or client to apply for and collect the permit prior to any work beginning onsite.

How do you avoid underground lines and who is at fault should one be struck?

Anticipated fence lines will be marked by your salesman with either flags or spray paint. Upon the signing of the contract clients will be asked to call for a utility locate. This is a free service where all public utility lines will be marked above ground. The general rule is that we must stay 24" away from all marked areas which could affect the original layout of the fence. In the rare event that occures we ask that the client notify their respective salesman who can come out and make any appropriate adjustments to the clients satifaction prior to the installation process. Please keep in mind this is public lines only. It will be the responsibility of the client to identify and mark any private lines such as underground cables or sprinkler lines. Accurate Fence cannot be held responsible for damage to any unmarked lines within the agreed upon fence layout.

Does my wood fence need to be stained/sealed?

For the longevity of your purchase Accurate Fence highly recommends that all wood fences be sealed roughly 4 to 6 weeks after installation. This allows the wood to dry, cure and adapt to the elements before application. There are many different seal & stain options available and your Sales Representative will be happy to recommend a Quality Painting Professional upon request. To keep your fence looking good for years to come re-apply the sealer every 3 to 5 years or when applicable.